Travel in Style with These 5 OOTD Essentials

Essential Travel Items

Travel plans don’t just end after booking your accommodation and writing your itinerary.

In this era of Instagrammable trips, checking on your wardrobe for the perfect travel outfit of the day (OOTD) is a must, especially for us fashionistas.

Checking your wardrobe does not mean you would pack every piece you find desirable for your travel fashion.

Pack smartly and remember these essentials you need to bring and match with your outfit.

Bringing these can make your adventure more memorable and Instagram friendly.

Funky Burberry Handbag


A bag is not only a necessity in every journey.

Although the things inside the bag counts more, choosing the right style of bag can either make or break your travel fashion.

From clutches and slings to stylish backpacks, your bag is a special ingredient to your overall look.

Relaxing Wearing Cool Sunglasses


Every destination lets you find new ways of seeing things.

To see things better, our eyes need to be protected.

A pair of sunglasses is a must for every travel location and season.

Sunscreens are not enough to protect you from UV rays, invest on sunnies with UV-filter lenses also to protect your eyes.

Besides, wearing shades is not just for heat protection, it is also a nice addition to your travel OOTD.

Choose a pair with comfortable and firm frames that would not fall off easily when you go for a jump shot or do other activities.

Make sure you bring a good pair of sunnies wherever you go, whatever the season is.

Man Looking at Wristwatch


There is no doubt about watches being a part of every travel essentials.

Watches keep us on track of the time.

They help us enjoy and make the most of our trips.

There are many travel watches out there that you could choose from.

Depending on your preferred design and style, a timepiece can complement your travel outfit.

The Omega Speedmaster, for example, can complement clothes in a monochrome tone.

Other travel watches also have a GPS feature to track your location, and water resistance in case you need to dive into the water.

Now, that just makes watches a “must” in every travel.

Kaftans & Cover-Ups

Kaftans and cover-ups are ideal for traveling on beaches and tropical places.

You can style your kaftans in so many ways – they look great as mid or long boho dresses but can be paired with jeans too.

Plus, the garment is very light, wrinkle-free, and would not consume so much space on your travel bag.

Cover-ups are your beach buddies when you need to hide your body insecurities and protect your skin from the sun’s heat… in a more fashionista way.

You can wear them in different ways you want to flaunt your beach body.


After packing your clothes, accessories, and travel documents in your bag, the next thing you would do is to choose the perfect shoes that will help you take each step towards an awesome adventure.

Good shoes can take you to awesome places.

The ideal travel shoes should have good support and weight, comfortable, durable, functional, and of course, stylish.

Pick your travel shoes according to your itinerary and expected activities.

Walking shoes and sandals are ideal for sightseeing and long walk in the city streets, they can match with a variety of outfits too.

Ankle boots are good for long walks too but are better worn during cold and unpredictable weather.

Dress shoes and ballet flats are for walking too but for chic, light travels only.

Don’t use these shoes on whole day walks if you don’t want to wear them out soon.

If your destination requires hiking, climbing, and other special activities, a pair of hiking shoes is a must to keep your toes safe.

Winter boots are good hiking shoes too if you are under a colder climate.

These are just 5 of travel essentials that will keep you stylish, too.

You can also add on some hair accessories if you don’t want the windy day to ruin your hair when traveling.

A simple clip, tie, or a hairband could make a lot of difference in your style.

Wraps, scarves, and bandanas give you different vibes too and can wipe off your sweat instantly.

Remember, traveling lets you see and experience things outside your comfort zones.

Whether you’re backpacking around Asia, city-hopping around Europe or planning a temporary move to USA to see every State in a rented RV, make sure you go in style.

Don’t let your look ruin your memories of finally taking braver steps in seeing the whole in a new lens.

Author: Wayne