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There are two methods that we use to prevent Spam Bots (software that finds email addresses) from reading your E-mail address on your web site.

The first method we use is effective but we cannot guarantee it is 100% but it is as follows:

In the html of the page/s containing the email address replace the @ symbol with the following code "@" without the quotes. This translates to the character's ASCII code and is readable by most browsers. The spam bots are looking for the content before and after the @ symbol to get the address. This displays as normal on the web page and does work, try it and see. Please note however that if you are using an html editor it may translate the code back to the symbol, so to prevent this change the setting within the editor to 'use existing' on the html tags and thus prevent it overwriting the code.

html - "mailto:info@anydomain.com" looks like this info@anydomain.com

The second method we use is much more effective but again we cannot guarantee it is 100% but it is as follows:

Replace the email address with the following java script which came from Nic's JavaScript Page:

<script language="Javascript">
// original content taken from Nic's JavaScript Page with permission
// lack of these three lines will result in copyright infringment
// made by: Nic's JavaScript Page - http://www.javascript-page.com

var user = "webmaster";
var domain = "javascript-page.com";
var mail = user + "@" + domain;

var message = "Click Here to E-mail Me";

document.write("<a href=\"mailto:"+mail+"\">"+message+"</a>");

The content in purple replace with your mail user prefix and the content in blue with your domain name. It is that simple but remember to copy it as text straight into the html not through the html editor as the editor will translate some of the characters. Also this script is formatted so you may wish to remove that. If you wish to show your email address then place that in the variable message line between the quotes in teal but most html editors will overwrite that if you have removed the formatting on the script and you'll be back to square one.

If you wish to see how it works click on this:

Nic's JavaScript Page

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