How to Stop Wasting Time as a Leader

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As a leader, you may find yourself strapped for a little something called time.

Especially when you a juggling clients, team members and the constant flow of work that comes in any leadership position.

Learning to manage your time more efficiently, then, is a very valuable lesson for you to learn as a leader (especially if you are relatively new to the position).

With that in mind, here are the very best way that you as a business leader can work to stop wasting time in your everyday working life.

Take note and speed things up – the glass ceiling (amongst other things) is there to be broken! Including wasting your own time.

Have Less Meetings

This is a big one and something which many business leaders struggle with.

Meet people less and when you do have meetings, make sure they are as efficient as possible.

Have a structure, know what is going on and work to ensure your mutual goal is met.

That way you will start to dread meetings less and less!

Meetings are the bane of most workers lives, so reducing them as much as possible is the only way forward.

Reduce the meetings, make them more productive and you may be surprised by how much more both you and your staff get done!

If they waste time then why have five separate meetings per day.

Ask yourself this and cut back today to save time tomorrow!

Remember you can be a super inclusive leader.

But, if you’re not actually there half the time your employees won’t feel very supported. So you need to learn to strike that very delicate balance.

Streamline Tasks, But Not at the Expense of Quality

Have you ever spent a long time doing something which you know isn’t worth that much effort?

Well, have you ever considered how you can work to reduce that effort?

But, remember this important factor: streamlining is great until it means you are losing quality.

Only quicken the steps which are taking too long but won’t risk any loss to quality.

Get a Plan in Place

Failing to plan is planning to fail.

Being a capable planner is not only a good idea, but it’s practically impossible to not have in place when you are any kind of leader in a business.

The better the plan, the better a time you will have as a leader.

And if you have a plan which you can reference and regularly too, then you will appear as a much more competent and reliable leader on top of this.

It’s a common turn of phrase, but one which is extremely relevant to consider when it comes to the modern workplace.

Make sure that you have a day, week and even monthly plan which you base your working life around.

Good planning can save you a lot of time as a leader and help to give you more room to deal with the little emergencies that appear every day.

Try to Keep Your Priorities Balanced

Prioritising is one of the hardest parts of any job.

Especially as everyone thinks the tasks you’re doing related to them is the most important thing for you to be doing.

Learning to balance and manage these tasks, then to prioritise them, then, can be quite difficult.

But, if you want to be seen as a good leader then this is a vital balancing act.

You need to make sure you address all of the important issues, but don’t overlook what your subordinates are asking of you.

It may seem relatively small in the grand scheme of things, less important than x, y or z on your list.

Yet, sometimes prioritising the little things can make you a better leader.

At the very least, it helps you to communicate to those you lead that you care.

Because, let’s face it, every mole hill can feel like a mountain during a bad day at work – whether you’re a PT, officer of the law or corporate solicitor.

And you need to help your team to the top of either one.

Stop Being ‘Busy’

Busy work is a real issue when it comes to leadership and you may find yourself doing way too much of it.

Much like anything else, being busy is great until it gets to a point where it is actually detrimental to your working life.

Busyness is something which a lot of business leaders get too preoccupied with.

And when employees or anyone underneath them notice this, it is all too easy for them to become resentful of this fact.

They see themselves as doing the ‘real’ work.

So, stop being ‘busy’ and start being productive.

You will be surprised by how much more you start getting done!

Final Thoughts

Leadership doesn’t have a secret formula.

You can’t become an amazing leader by reading a self-help book, though that would be nice.

It’s trial and error, learning to communicate and being open to change.

Author: Wayne