How to give your kitchen a facelift by painting the cupboard doors

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If you have been considering giving your kitchen a facelift, you have most probably been wondering how you can minimise the cost and the mess.

One of the best ways to do this is to spray paint your kitchen cupboard doors.

If you come to think of it, most of your kitchen is composed of these cupboard doors.

So, if they are not aesthetically pleasing due to scratches and other defects, or due to a color that is now rather old fashioned and tired looking, then they need to be addressed.

Give your kitchen a transformation with a fresh new colour!

Painting these cupboard doors is actually not that difficult. You will not be spending a lot of money either.

Besides, it is something that you can do yourself as there is no need for any skill or expertise. You just need to be careful to choose a good quality paint and to paint them carefully so as to get a good finish.

First and foremost, you will need to check the cupboard doors one by one.

Is the surface suitable for painting?

Are there any defects that need to be seen to before you apply the paint?

Unfinished wood doors that have a flat surface are the best candidates for paint.

Wood laminate is also fairly easy to paint. However if your kitchen cupboard doors are made from plastic laminate, this may require special kitchen door primer and a professional to paint them well.

Before & After Kitchen Door Primer. Image credit: Kiiz

You will need to remove the doors as well as the hardware that holds them into place.

Make sure to number each door, or label it, so as to know where they need to be installed later.

Clean the all the door surfaces properly. It is important to use a suitable soap based cleaner and then ensure they are completely dry.

Apply the cleaner, and then use clear water to rinse the door without soaking it. Allow the doors to dry well before proceeding.

Once they have dried, you can now start sanding them. You need to get a surface to which the new paint will adhere to well.

In case there is old paint just sand it down to roughen up the surface. There is no need to keep sanding until you get bare wood.

Once the sanding process is completed it is a good idea to use a vacuum to remove all the fine particles of sanding dust from the surface.

Then wipe them so that there are no problems when the paint is applied.

Spray Painting Your Kitchen Doors Will Achieve a Better Finish. Image credit: Family Handyman

Before applying the paint is is highly recommended to apply a primer-sealer. Leave it to dry well, and then apply the paint.

The paint can be applied using a brush, but you might prefer a sprayer or a roller.

The latter option is ideal if the doors’ surface areas are completely flat. Once the coating of paint has dried, you may wish to apply a second coat.

Finally you can re-install the hardware and hang on your newly painted kitchen cupboard doors.

A fresh coat of paint to your kitchen cupboard doors could work wonders and really does work in giving any home owner kitchen makeovers to be proud of that has hardly dented your pocket.

It will add colour to your kitchen as well as updates the cabinets regardless of their condition or age.

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