Can I see your profile?
Yes - We have many satisfied clients, and we can provide you with the addresses of sites here...

What makes you different from other web designers?
We are not an agency with faceless contact. When you deal with Wayne Robbins, you deal direct with the person building your site. We understand your business needs, and offer the personal touch that can be lacking with other designers.

Are you really interested in building my site?
Yes, of course we are. We like nothing more that to see your ideas and dreams become a reality and enthusiasm is infectious.

How much is a domain name?
Prices for domain names are covered on our home page. If you have a domain name you may wish to compare our prices. We do suggest you use your domain name for your email address instead of your ISP's as this will generate enquiries.

How much is hosting for a domain name?
Prices for hosting domain names are covered on our home page. If you have a domain name hosted elsewhere, you may wish to compare our prices.

What will you expect from me?
From you, we will require input and communication. You know what you want from the site. Work with us, provide us with your ideas, you may have brochures, a brand image etc., give us the background to your venture and we will build a site that enhances that.

Can you provide the functionality my site requires?
If you have a specific requirement in mind, and we cannot provide you with that, we do have access to specialist programmers, graphic designers and illustrators, whom we have utilised in the past to the satisfaction of our clients.

Will you advise me on E-commerce systems?
Yes, we can look at the type of site you want or have in mind, and will advise you on the most suitable system for your requirements.

What are the ongoing costs?
This will vary depending on the type of site you have. You may require, for example, regular updates to your pages, and maintenance of the site.

How long will it take?
Again, this depends on the size and complexity of your site, also on the number of pages you think you will need. If you have a target date for completion we can discuss this with you.

Who owns the completed site?
Quite simply, you do. One note here though, domain names cannot be owned, they are yours for a pre-specified time and this varies on the type of domain name you have.

Will I find my site on all the search engines?
We place your website in the most appropriate categories, however, contrary to email spam sales jargon, no-one can guarantee top placement within search engines. The search engines regularly change their algorithms to ensure that there is a variety within the search result. Search engines are a specialist field and the rules are constantly changing, and we do keep abreast of the latest developments through various subscriptions. If you wish us to register your site with the major search engines we will be pleased to do so. You can of course do this yourself.

How will people find my web site?
We recommend that you place your web site address on everything you can... i.e.: advertisements, business cards, letterhead, compliment slips, envelopes, packaging, etc. Quite simply your web site is a showcase for your product and with no promotion on your part you may not get the results you expect.

Can I monitor visitors to my site?
There are several systems that can be incorporated into your site, from a basic visitor counter, to systems that can be utilised to give you feedback on which pages have been viewed, and where the visitor came from. If you require statistics on your site, we can provide this at no extra charge for sites we host.

How will my site be kept up to date or maintained?
Provided we receive updated information, we will maintain your site on a regular basis, if anything is urgent (prices, etc.) then please advise accordingly.

This depends on the amount of work required to build/update the site, but the cost is not as restrictive as you may believe. If you have a budget we will advise you as to how realistic it is and will endeavour to stay within your budget wherever possible. We have built sites from 100 up to several thousands. Call us with your requirements and see for yourself.

What are your payment terms?
Payment within 30 days. Payment can be made by cash, cheque or credit card.

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