6 Important Things to Know About the App Design Process

Illustrations of Mobile Apps in Use

Designing a mobile app incorporates a typical yet complex process.

After failing, learning and succeeding, most of the mobile app developers follow the same process.

For the beginners and those who want to build an app for their business, it’s important to know how the design process flow.

The designing process typically includes the following steps:

1. Idea

The idea is the beginning of any development process.

In the first place, your idea should be liable to work on.

If you are looking for some mobile app developers, make sure your idea is viable to earn and capable of recouping your investment in the form of revenue.

Besides, discuss with the mobile app developer if your idea is technically feasible or not.

Check for the obstacles to face while implementing the idea?

Is your idea unique?

Do you have your competitors already in the market?

How can you make your idea better?

If you think your idea is worth working on and can give you returns, start working on it.

Man Viewing Brainstorming Wall

2. Specification

After the idea, comes specifications.

It’s crucial to gather specs to declares that what is your app for and how it is going to be accomplished.

By writing the spec, you would further develop, evolve and refine your idea towards a better product.

Some mobile app developers overlook the spec phase, but it shouldn’t be ignored at all because it brings things in clarity.

Many initial assumptions are clarified and elucidated in the spec documentation, keeping everyone know their job and help operate the work in a productive sequence.

3. Wireframe

The first deliberate design made in a project is Wireframes.

They are low fidelity mockups built based on specifications.

This part is usually handled by a UX designer; however, the involvement of all the team members is vital. Photoshop and Sketch are the popular software applications used for wireframing.

Holding Mobile App Wireframe

4. Prototype

After specs and wireframes, you are ready to present a solution for the first idea.

This phase helps in rectifying the mistakes or missing details in the specs.

Prototype brings forward the errors and counterintuitive flows of the app so that they can be fixed.

For prototyping and collaborative design work, you should check out  FramerFigma, Marvel, or InVision.

5. Visual Design

Visual design is the final section of the design process.

The visual design process is based on all the previous sections you through designing an app.

For the visual design part, mobile app developers mostly use Photoshop and Sketch.

iMacs Running Adobe Photoshop

6. Development

Design and development of an app are the interweaved processes and require collaboration between the designer and the mobile app developer.

So, the design and the development process should not be done without the basic understanding of both areas.

Before getting the final product in hand, the designer and the developer usually keep revolving in the design and development processes and results.

Moving along the time, the design tools and the outcome, both have changed and improved to a remarkable extent.

However, the basic design process of a Mobile App is the same.

Moreover, if you are looking for a mobile app developer Dallas, you should know the basics of the design and development process to bring things to a settlement in a progressive way.

Author: Wayne